I am Judith Mara, but most people call me Jude. After 25 years of working as a big ad agency creative director, I started my own agency 12 years ago. Five years ago, I decided to focus creative development and started Mara


Graphics to accommodate smaller and mid-size businesses. With intimate experience of what works and what doesn't, even the smallest family-owned business can now have marketing and design tailored to their precise needs.

I studied design at The College For Creative Studies and business at the University of Detroit. Next thing I knew, I was working for large advertising agencies such as J. Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett.

I've always loved graphic design and the written word. However, in the early 90's, I also fell in love with computers and everything web-related. I've been designing for the web (and printed materials) ever since. My passion for design has only increased with time. So, I guarantee that every minute I spend on your project will be saturated with my knowledge, experience, design sense and—just as importantly—up-to-date technology.


I have a strong commitment for helping small to medium businesses through smart digital work and strong graphic design. I never do impersonal, cookie-cutter work just to make a buck. I would rather get paid a little less if it means you’ll succeed.


Talk soon! Jude