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"Working with Judith is such a pleasure! Not only does she have an eye for beautiful design, but she also understands how to translate your ideas into a user-friendly, optimized and functional web experience that truly represents the heart of your brand. She will take it to the next level, and is worth every penny!" 
Kathryn O'Malley,
Editor at Who's Hungry? and WellBella mags Author of
Lifestyle contributor for
“When it comes to creativity or sense of style, my only choice is Judith Mara. She truly has set the tone and drive of my Brands. From website development, packaging and all my collateral needs. Jude is my one stop for all my brand building and support needs. Perfect for the big picture or one off specialty projects."
Chef Mike Mech
“ Bungalow Chef”
“The House of Fine Chocolates”
and “Bungalow Kitchen”
You can't miss with Jude's expertise and creativity when viewing her large body of impressive work. You can see her ability to draw attention and capture succinctly with her savvy tag lines. What you can't see is her caring, easy manner and down to earth business approach. When you work with Jude, you work with a friend.
Ann Marie Shifo

Event Planner

I whole-heartedly recommend Judith Mara as a great creative talent that I had – and continue to have the pleasure of working with. Her creations are welcoming, inviting, and effective bringing in current and potential clients. Her balance of art and copy keeps visitors engaged, and reading. And her designs are fresh and very attractive.
Mark Gudenas,


Hard Hat Marketing

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