Who's Hungry? (Now)
My long time client, Stephen Hamilton, is one of the leading food photographer/directors in the world.

Pre-pandemic he published an award-winning food & photography magazine, Who's Hungry?. We both remember those as the good old days.

Now with everything being digitally produced for social media, he decided to recreate the magazine for the web. And I am thrilled that he asked me to design and write it.

The magazine still focuses on food and photography. But this time Steve is sharing what personally inspires him. These short stories range from his travel adventures to something catching his eye in his photo studio kitchen.

He has also found another way to give back to the food community. During the pandemic Stephen realized he could support small food producers and artisans by photographing their specialties for sales and marketing materials at no cost to them. The result is an ongoing series, called Images for Artisans.


My role

  • Website design and development

  • Design each story header

  • Write copy and content

  • Research

  • Editorial

  • SEO, keywords, tags

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