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Jura Law

Legal Calendar Management

JuraLaw had a website that was outdated with a user interface that was confusing to navigate. They requested a proposal for the creation of a new, responsive and mobile-friendly website that organically flowed out of JuraLaw’s leadership position in web-based legal docket, case and calendar management.


The goal was to create a contemporary, simple interface that tracks easily with the reasons why law firms visit the JuraLaw site. The site also needed to be a sales tool designed to capture requests for a demonstration of their software.

Mara Graphics created the following:

  • a recreation their (old) logo to be usable on the web

  • a bold contemporary look, yet maintain the established JuraLaw logo and established color palette

  • added a blog section

  • simplified intuitive navigation

  • product demo request form, buttons and a dedicated page for their new app.

  • a site that is easily updatable by the marketing manager

  • a home page pop up box for marketing purposes

  • utilized their images and stock photos and made them look personalized

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