How much does a logo and/or a website cost?

Excellent question. My partner at MBF has the best answer for that question: "First, tell me how much does a blue suit cost?"

That answer makes a strong point that there is no one correct answer – there are simply too many factors to consider. To me it's a balance of time, value and quality. While I do many individual projects, I have found that to bundle together the elements a client needs into one price saves time and money, creating value and a brand. Quality comes from my and my team's experience and your allowing us to do what we are hired to do.

TIP: If you have a budget in mind, share it. You wouldn't go buy a car, a refrigerator or even a blue suit without an idea of what you can or cannot afford. So be upfront with me, you'll be surprised at the options available. And if I can't come with one I'll be happy to refer you to someone better suited to your means. Contact me.

Does my business really need a website, I have a facebook page

Would you use a hammer to tighten a screw? Of course not, it's not the right tool to get the job done. So my answer would be, yes, you do. And those of you using Facebook as your main marketing vehicle, you are using the wrong tool.

Facebook and other social media channels are wonderful tools to support your website (and business) but it is not a replacement for owning your own site with your own branding with your own targeted content. In the U.S. roughly 74.6% of the population uses the internet, but 30 - 45% of those users do not use Facebook. This is because social media is subscription-based. So anyone not using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter cannot find you.

I would also like to mention I build websites that you can edit yourself. So if you choose, you have control over your promotions, online stores and a vast number of other functions. Questions? Contact me.

how long will it take?

Honestly, a lot depends on you. A professional photographer client was very motivated to get a new website up and running fast. After he approved the estimate and gave me access to his photography I had his new site up in two weeks! Another client who was opening a new brick and mortar store was so busy that she had no time to approve anything for months and we ended up putting a simple landing page up for her grand opening and the actual site went live a week or so later.

TIP 1: Don't kid yourself that a website isn't important, so try not to put it off to the last minute. The process can be very enjoyable if there is time for me and my team to think through your design, user experience and content and if you have time to give us feedback, do photography or have us make changes. TIP 2: If you have a new domain name (URL or web address) then I always advise putting up an optimized Coming Soon landing page first in order for the web to start indexing your site. It doesn't happen overnight anymore! 

is seo (Search Engine Optimization)  really important or just a buzz word?

The first answer is, yes, it is very important, you cannot have a website today without SEO (or some call it search marketing). Your basic SEO is included in our price. The second answer is also, yes, it is a buzz word and can take on many different meanings which is why so many people are confused by the term. We'll explain.

When I talk about SEO it simply means making sure the world wide web will find your website when certain keywords, tags, titles or your domain (URL) are typed into Google or other search engines. The best approach a small, local business can take is to optimize a website so people in your target audience or target area can find you on the web. We call that local SEO and we are experts in figuring out how to make that happen.

It's imperative to note that just because you can't see SEO, that's how the world wide web see your website. SEO done correctly, you will see the results.

TIP: Never say "everyone" is my target customer. Even giant companies dig deep and pay dearly to find out who they should target with their website and keywords. TIP 2: Always include important keywords in your copy/content to help the search engines find you.

what additional costs can i expect?

There are a few, small additional costs, but you may be already paying them if you already have a website and a URL.

You'll need to to pay a monthly subscription to host your website, which starts at less than $20 per month. For an ecommerce site it is a little higher. This is the same as web hosting and is not an additional cost.


Depending on where your domain (URL) is registered and how many you have there is usually a small annual fee. You can always get a free domain if it is directly connected to host.

If you request any custom coding (which means changes beyond what a base template offers) or technical assistance we charge per hour. This cost will be discussed prior to anything is done.

Also, if you want stock photography or original photography, that is an additional charge. Stock is very reasonable and even free with certain website editors. Professional photography is more expensive but worth it if you are in certain business like restaurant, interior designers, or destinations such as wineries or stores. We are more than happy to recommend some local choices.


will I be able to own and update my website?

Yes. We exclusively work with online templates for our small business customers. All of the templates we use have copy blocks that are easily updateable. If you are more daring or techy then you can make graphics changes yourself. We always send a tutorial pdf as to how to update your site. The important thing to remember is when you update your site you are "coding" behind the scenes.


After your website is "live" and indexed by the web you can choose to transfer complete ownership of your site to you or your business. We're here to help if you ever get stuck.

TIP: Try and decide what parts of your site you'll want to update regularly and we'll keep that in mind as we build the site and write up your personal tutorial.