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House Of Fine Chocolates


Celebrity chef, Mike Mech had four different websites and 20 different registered domains. He came to us to design a contemporary site that cohesively placed all of his websites under one roof.

It took weeks to sort through all of  his sites, domains, images, copy, posts and URLs. We decided to use as his primary domain and put his Bungalow Kitchen blog, his (future) House of Fine Chocolates shoppe and his PR background all on one site. His smaller businesses and domains were retired so he could focus on the important things.


For cost and time efficiency the new site was wrapped around the recent House Of Fine Chocolates site which we built for him two years ago. 

For the new site design we updated his color palette, logos, copy  and featured the beautiful photography by renown food photographer Stephen Hamilton​.

The copy was written to feel like we were telling a story about Mike. Recipe storytelling is one of the things chef Mike is famous for.

House Of Fine Chocolates


After working for 20 years for a 76-year-old company that was about to close its doors, chef Mike Mech purchased the business and recipes in March 2017. He needed all of his marketing—from logo to website—done in time for Easter, the following month. Somehow we made it happen.


  • Logos

  • Site design

  • URL

  • Copy

  • Favicon

  • Retouching

  • SEO

  • Facebook Header

  • Business Cards


  • Labels

  • E-mail address

  • E-mail blast

  • On-line Store (to come)

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