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Madison Elyse Events
By qiana turner

Qiana Turner, owner of Madison Elyse Events (named for her daughter), saw another site I designed and gave me a ring.

She had built her own website & blog when she started her business 5 years ago! And I have to say, for not being a professional graphic designer, she did quite a good job. But she felt it was time to upgrade.

We had so much fun discussing all kinds of new ideas to improve her website, then she she gave me carte blanche to interpret those ideas.

I started by updating the SEO on her old website which wasn't up to speed. Her site was hard to find and her personal name was not associated with the name of the business and that had to change immediately.

Once that was done, I created two design options for her to choose from. While she was deciding, I updated her logo to make it more readable and contemporary.

Then it was on to designing her site, navigation, SEO and everything in-between.





website redesign

  • Update current SEO, keywords and titles

  • Redesign entire website

  • Updated logo design

  • New navigation

  • added a image gallery

  • Copywriting

  • Favicon

  • new SEO

  • recropped and retouched all photos as needed

  • Graphical titles

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